Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chasing the Dragon

When I went to Costa Rica last year and met my in laws and my husbands family for the first time I left there struck by the simplicity of this family and maybe, this people. This family is considered middle class for the country, equalivant to our lower class, so while they didn't live in poverty they also didn't have all of their wants met. Needs were met.

What struck me the most was their values were first & foremost in their lives and I'm not just saying that they talked of their values being first, they actually were. Their actions spoke very loudly about this. It seems there are so many of us in this country that speak so loudly about things we don't always act on. Sometimes we are so busy meeting our so called obligations that we forget to make time for the things that really do matter and we talk about making time & pick it apart but in the end we still confuse our needs with our wants...living our lives estranged from that which fills our soul, constantly chasing the dragon of material possesions like a junkie and his drug.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Stella's Dream

Sometime's I dream of falling, sometimes I'm running. Sometime's I'm simply afraid that this life will pass me without my reaching my dream's, without my realization of why I am here and what I am meant to do.

Sometimes, sometimes, I'm afraid that my inner creative being is being stifled by the demands that life puts on it and that I WILL DIE without it's release, and sometimes I'm afraid to chase it and make it my own. Sometimes this scares me, and, sometimes it does not.