Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seven Months

I didn't get a six months letter written to puppy but I have gotten a seven month letter written. Here goes...

Oh Puppy,

Tomorrow will be your seven month birthday and I can't imagine life without you. I am so fortunate to have you in my life, you bring me so much joy!

The past seven months have been such big months for you, Daddy & I. Daddy & I have struggled to learn how to care for a helpless creature from our loins, we've had to abruptly and happily adjust our lives to fold around yours, to protect you and support you. You, my son, have had to adjust to life outside of my womb, you are learning things every day - Every Day! You've had to learn how to eat and sleep, you are learning about heat and cold, how fascinated you are by the wind, watching leaves as they sway in a breeze! Just two nights ago you were crawling, really crawling on your hands and knees. You were so intent to reach Dante, the cat, your tongue was sticking out and the look on your face was focused but so, so pleased that, yes, now you could move!

You are an international traveler already. We had to get you a passport so when you were around two months old we took you to the office. We waited two hours and you were hungry by the time we were next in line. As a result, you are crying in the picture on your passport. Your first passport is good for five years. You will be identified by this two month old, crying picture for five years.

In September we took you to meet your very large Costa Rican family. There was so much love for you there, the leaving was very difficult. We were all very sad to go, even Juanho was triste.

I am so going to miss nursing you when you eat solid foods exclusively. I never imagined I would get such fulfillment from feeding you from my breast. I will cherish these memories forever, you nursing, me holding you close to my body, feeling your little hands scratching and pulling at me.

I look forward to speding every minute I can with you. I am so very excited to watch and support you as you grow into the fine, upstanding and sensitive man I know you will become.

Happy Birthday, Puppy, know that I love you so very much and that I want all the happiness of the world for you.

With all the love you can ever imagine,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stitch & Sew

The handmade burp cloths I wrote about in my previous post have made me want to sew again. I signed up for a course at the local community college which has totally awakened the demon within! I have since made several burp cloths, have fabric for more, made a small quilt from a kit, made a table runner in class & we are making pajama bottoms in class.

I forgot how satisfying making something from scratch can be. Memories of my mother, staying up all night to complete a project run through my mind. I feel more connected to her, my seamstress mother. I am also really enjoying myself, immensely.