Friday, September 25, 2009


Eeek! I got my period again! Fourteen months later, cramps, greasy skin, tears & everything!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Johnny go Ska!

At the festival, not understanding the language,I look around & watch. As I'm checking out the
people & surrounds I see this notice.This drew my attention instantly & while I was nursing
puppy I was able to read it & remember.

Ska! Latin Ska!
There was a time in my life when I would have done a lot just to see this show Just for the novelty of seeing a ska show in another country.

Quite a few times my friends & I would drive
from Atlanta to New Orleans, Athens or Augusta
to see a show, then drive back to see the same show in Atlanta. How we did it, I don't know. The drive to New Orleans was 9 hours, then we'd
watch the show, party all night, pass out & then awaken, drive back to Atlanta to do it all again.

Alas, there wasn't a date on the flyer & it did look a tad old. I didn't get to see the show but it's better this way. A ska show is no place for a 41 year old lactating Mommy.


I've always been the one on the outside looking in. It fascinates me to watch people in a crowd.

Recently, on a trip out of the country I was at a celebration - Heaven for a people watcher like me! There were a lot of typical looking people

around but the ones that fascinated me the most were on the fringes. Go figure. I'm sure this doesn't surprise some of my friends.

There were many different groups of young

men, basketball players, motorcycle riders, etc. Then there was the group I'll call "Rockers".

It's so interesting how some styles cross international lines so completely. There's one guy
(on the right in the goofy position) in this photo that I swear lived in Atlanta when I did. He even has the low cut tank top on that I distinctly remember (why do they wear these shirts?). It's hard to tell in the pic, since I was trying to be slick, but the hair is the kicker. I remember in the lat 80's, early 90's seeing Rocker boys with this same exact hair style. The lame ponytail with the shiny, limp hair in front, hanging in his eyes. But really - everything is there - the big black (ill fitting) boots, blue jeans tucked in the boots, the low cut shirt(really, what is up with these shirts, anyway?) & the hair. He is the tops.

His friends have the rocker look, too - but not as severe. Look at the 70's long hair (fro?) stuck under the ballcap. That ballcap barely contains that fro! The jeans & cords, Dickies style work clothes & logo shirts are Rocker all the way.

If I were 18 or 19 again I'd be in Heaven, devil horns all the way! Rock on!

Monday, September 21, 2009

He whose feet haven't touched ground in two weeks

Is not a happy boy.

It's like being on a rollercoaster ride & I'm not behind the controls.

I feel like Dooce!

Just like Dooce, I recently has an air travel celebrity encounter. Moving quickly through Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX saturday, running between customs & the departure gate for the flight to Baltimore, it happened.
I almost ran right into Russell Simmons, brother to Reverand Run (of Run DMC) and cofounder of DefJam Records.
I stopped square in his face & said, "Hi Russell", he looked at me, raised a finger, a huge grin rising up his cheeks and finally asked me, "Where do I know you from?". LOL! I told him he didn't know me & he replied that he thought it was something like that. I kinda kept going but turned around before I was too far away & said to him, "By the way, great thing with the yoga.".
He stopped & asked me if I practiced & I replied that I did, Iyengar, to which he replied that that was good, we all need good alignment. I moved on.
What a cool cat! I think he would have talked to me more about yoga if I had had the time, he was very laid back & seemed interested in talking about it.
I bet you're wondering how I know he practices yoga, aren't you? Well, I watch Cribs ya'll, and he & Kimora Lee Simmons house was featured on the show (when they were still together) and he spoke of yoga then. Since I'm old enough to remember the beginnings of Rap and grew up in the Northeast I knew who Russell Simmons was.