Thursday, September 24, 2009

Johnny go Ska!

At the festival, not understanding the language,I look around & watch. As I'm checking out the
people & surrounds I see this notice.This drew my attention instantly & while I was nursing
puppy I was able to read it & remember.

Ska! Latin Ska!
There was a time in my life when I would have done a lot just to see this show Just for the novelty of seeing a ska show in another country.

Quite a few times my friends & I would drive
from Atlanta to New Orleans, Athens or Augusta
to see a show, then drive back to see the same show in Atlanta. How we did it, I don't know. The drive to New Orleans was 9 hours, then we'd
watch the show, party all night, pass out & then awaken, drive back to Atlanta to do it all again.

Alas, there wasn't a date on the flyer & it did look a tad old. I didn't get to see the show but it's better this way. A ska show is no place for a 41 year old lactating Mommy.

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