Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yippee!!! Funny how diapers can excite me.

Even before my little puppy was born I was curious about cloth diapers. They seemed so much better for the environment & my pocket, the only deterrant was the price & just how do you get started with them without losing out on too much money? Well, has a trial package that in the end costs $10.00 to try. They take a $110. deposit & then credit the difference once returned after 21 days. I liked this.

So after anxiously awating the arrival of these diapers they arrived in record time. Thank goodness since I can only handle so much anxiety! I received 2 chinese prefolds, one bumgenius organic, one fuzzibuns pocket & insert, one bumgenius one size pocket with 2 inserts, a thirsties pocket all in one, one thirsties fab fitted, one thirsties cover & a snappi fastener.

First of all I have to say that puppy looks sooo cute in them I don't even want to put clothes over them! They are a bit bulkier than disposable but not too bad. They are soft as hell & I would love some for myself for if my pd ever comes back! Maybe they'll have adult sizes once I become incontinent & can't wipe my ass. Note to self made.

Okay, the chinese prefolds are history, I'm not going to wash these several times before the first use & I'm sure as hell not going to fold & fasten every time I change a diaper. The only use for me would be to use as inserts & I will find used ones for that before washing several times. The organic bumgenius is history,too. I'm just not spending $25 on one diaper, period.
I really like the use of snaps by fuzzibuns better than velcro. The velcro holds but then it catches on everything & gets clogged with lint & while they provide a closure for the wash somethimes they still come loose & cling to other diapers. The fuzzibuns is sized & looks too big on puppy right now, I wish I could have tried a one size to see how they expand with growth. I like the bumgenius pocket one size, even with the velcro(ok so I don't HATE the velcro) & I like how it expands. I like the thirsties pocket all in one as well. I am conflicted about the thirsties fab fitted & cover. On one hand the cover is nice because you could mix & match to outfits etc, on the other hand it's an additional cost & laundry item, a second step all over the place, this is not ideal for my life right now.
I think if I make the investment into cloth diapers I'll probably go with something along the lines of pockets or all in ones, one size. I might not mind a few like the fab fitted with covers but that won't constitute the bulk of my purchase.
A girl I know has some used diapers she wants to sell & I'll keep this in mind when I look at them. I also will be watching to see if i can find any good used diapers at a good price. There may be other sites to research used diapers, too. I think the investment will be worth it from my pocketbook & to the environment.
The only downside is that when puppy starts to eat solids & his poops are messier the diapers are supposed to get an additional rinse. I have a 300 ft. well & don't like the idea of it drying up & having to drill another at whatever the cost per inch is right now (I've heard that it could be $6.00 per inch but that may be an antiquated cost.).
Diapers & poop, who would have thought I'd have so much interest.
Let me see that dirty one, is it the right color? The right consistancy? hmmm...


T said...

I love the nicknames you have for the little one. I will say that the patterns for the diapers are absolutely adorable. why cover them up.

pam said...

Yes- he is adorable!!! Can't wait to see him again!