Monday, June 1, 2009

At work

& starting my time of being back in the store three days a week. I have mixed feelings about it all. On one hand I can not stand being away from my boy. I hate that someone else is sharing his laughs and wiggles. On the other hand it is a nice break from having a 13 lb. bag of potatoes in my arms all the time. My friend says to me "funny how your priorities change, isn't it?". She is so right. Now this career choice is just a job.

He has started to roll over with the right circumstances. He tries & tries on the carpet but I guess it's too flat. I had him in the yard yesterday & he did it a few times. He was naked. I think he liked that! He is cooing & gooing more & more, he'll be speaking back to me soon!

I can't always comprehend this love I feel, the responsibility of it all, or how this wonderful creature is now such a big part of my life.

One big question is how does a sometimes feminist like me raise a man-child to be a gentleman, to be compassionate and supportive to a woman's needs and still be the man he needs to be? hmmm, I guess I just have new issues to dwell on!

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