Friday, July 10, 2009

My pride will get the best of me, yet.

Puppy's 4 month exam & shots were yesterday. My boy is 16 lbs. 9.6 oz. & 26" long. He's doubled his weight in 4 months & grown 6". (here is where the pride gets a little too big) He has the motor skills of a 6 month old. (!?!)

In some ways this isn't a surprise, if you saw the Little Monster in action he doesn't stop, he's like a wiggle worm on meth. It's a wonder sometimes that he hasn't chewed through his fingers or kicked a hold in his carseat!

We get to start solid food, too. Rice Cereal here we come. If it works out we'll be able to start fruits & vegetable's in about a week or two. I should start making some veggies up now since he's an overacheiver in other matters. If I start now I might actually save some money & get some stockpiles in the freezer(if not I'll just be shopping for those adorable little bottles).

My boy is growing up...this is a wonderful realization untill I think about him getting old enough that some other woman starts taking care of him. Oh, this will be so hard, I can try to start preparing, now.


T said...

I am not surprised about his motor skills. Little man can jump through hoops with that energy. Goodness, you are going to be so tired! lol. so sweet.

pam said...

There is nothing in the world that can prepare you for when your firstborn grows up. I am still trying to let go .... 17 years later.