Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some kind of normal

Well, I'm happy to write that I have my puppy back. My mother in law's departure was a sad one. Tears all around but a feeling of normalcy seeping back into my consciousness too.

So puppy is sitting in the high chair, drooling and kicking his feet (his favorite activities) patiently allowing me this opportunity to write this post. Uh oh, the grunting/squealing is starting. Not much time left. I should have known I was pushing it be getting breakfast in, too. My boy is teething so bad it's a wonder he has any fluid left in his tiny body. Where does it all come from? It drips down his chin, hands arms to his elbows. He's been on a three to five bib day for weeks now!

Oh! We went to Babies R Us last weekend & saw the cutest walker. When I get it uploaded from my cell I'll post the pics. He was adorable & the hubby & I were this close to buying the pimped walker!

Time to play!

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