Monday, August 17, 2009

He's going to break my heart!

Yesterday afternoon/evening I took Puppy out to the kiddie pool to hang out & play. After he inhaled some water trying to drink the pool water(which he's surprisingly good at!) I pulled him onto the sheet to dry & roll around. I laid on my back looking up at the trees & clouds with Puppy rollong around chewing on his much loved fingers. Next thing I knew here's puppy bonking up against my face with his too-big head. I look over & he's got that gummy grin all over his face. He then procedes to put his open mouth on me. This is the wonder of the day.

See, my boy has been doing this to his Pals W, F & L. He gets himself over to them & then puts his open mouth on them, their knees, feet, whatever he can get his mouth on. He doesn't lick them, bite them, suck on them...he just "mouths" them. I think this is his attempt to play with them & when he reached out to me to play it just broke my heart! He wanted to play. With ME! So I tickled him & he mouthed me again & I giggled & grabbed at him & we continued on that way for quite a while.

Then he acted like he didn't know who I was or why I was there.


T said...

excellent post. so endearing

T said...

E, I tagged you.