Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting older AKA It's all his fault!

Eye sight. Or the loss of said eye sight. I blame puppy. I had my eyes checked when I was pregnant & my eye sight was perfect, in fact one eye was better than perfect. Life was good.

Then I had puppy. And in the past 18 months my eye sight has gone down to the shitter. Yea, I didn't even block it out. My eyesight is in the shitter. Even my baby daddy has noticed. He kindly asked the other day, "Honey, it seems like when you first started wearing glasses you hardly wore them at all, now you seem like you wear them all the time." he was right, I wear them all the time, now. I have them on right now as a matter of fact.

The eye doctor says it has more to do with my age (boo hiss, how dare her!) than with pregnancy, she says that there's nothing to support that pregnancy changes eyesight.

But you know, if you ask enough women you will eventually get enough to support your belief that yes, pregnancy (or birth) messes with eyesight. My mother used to say her eyes got worse after having us brats, and I've even spoke with 20 somethings that say it.

So who cares that I'm 42 and many Americans have eyes that change around this age. It's something about the muscle used to focus. Paghhhh. What do these silly doctors know, anyway?

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